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York Shore is a micro banking system. We offers different types of financial services to our customers all over the world such as Loan, Wire transfer, Long term deposit, savings and some other related services.

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Best banking services with no match

Exchange Currency

We offer lowest exchange fee so you can exchange your currency anytime.

Payment Request

You can make payment request to you customer for any types of product or services.

Fixed Deposit

We offers long term investment and you will get good interest rate after maturity.

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'Bronze - CTO Adex'

CTO Adex


''With customer relationship management (CRM) technology, you can collect and analyze data and build detailed customer profiles, which your in-house advisors can then use to gain a 360-degree view of t'

C.E.O Adekemmy Ltd

Ape James

We care about only one customer; and that customer is YOU!